Every Damascus Home is built with Energy Efficient Excellence. E3 is a symbol of our commitment to providing advanced technology to produce a more comfortable, energy efficient lifestyle in every room of your home to help reduce inconsistencies in room-to-room temperatures. Damascus Homes is focused on preserving our environment by providing features that exceed standards, like our full house wrap, which provides a pressure-tight moisture barrier against intrusion of harmful molds and spores. You will find peace of mind knowing that your utility bills will be 25-40% lower than other homes. E3ís mission is simple: to decrease your utility bill while increasing the value of your home; a promise that only E3 can offer. The comfort of your home and the savings in your check book are a top priority in your life when it comes to making the decision to purchase a new home; we make that decision much easier. E3Ö because itís the right thing to do!

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