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Is caulking covered under my warranty?

The warranty manual states that during the orientation your builder confirms that appropriate areas are caulked. After this time caulking of any kind is not covered under your limited warranty.

Homeowner Maintenance Guidelines

Caulking –Time and weather will shrink and dry caulking so that it no longer provides a good seal. As routine maintenance, check the caulking and make the needed repairs. Caulking compounds and dispenser guns are available at hardware stores. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to be certain that you select an appropriate caulk for he intended purpose.

Latex Caulk – Latex caulking is appropriate for an area that requires painting; such as along the stair stringer or where wood trim meets the wall.

Silicone Caulk – Caulking that contains silicone will not accept paint; it works best where water is present, for example, where tub meets tile or a sink meets a countertop.

Are nail pops or visible seams covered under my warranty?

Slight cracking, nail pops, or seams may become visible in walls and ceilings. The shrinkage of the wood and normal deflection of rafters to which the drywall is attached causes these. Repairs - Care of drywall is your maintenance responsibility. Most drywall repairs can be easily made. This work is best done when you redecorate the room.

Related Warranty Repairs – If a drywall repair is needed as a result of poor workmanship (such as blisters in tape) or other warranty-based repair (such as a plumbing leak), builder will complete the repair by touching up the repaired area with the same paint that was on the surface when the home was delivered. If more than one-third of the wall is involved, we will repaint the wall corner to corner. You are responsible for custom paint colors or wallpaper that has been applied subsequent to closing. Nail pops and small cracks are excluded from this warranty.

Homeowner Maintenance Guidelines

Repair hairline cracks with a coat of paint. You can repair slightly larger cracks with spackle or caulk. To correct a nail pop reset the nail with a hammer and punch. Cover it with spackle, which is available at paint and hardware stores. Apply two or three thin coats. When dry, sand the surface with fine-grain sandpaper, and then paint. You can fill indentations caused by sharp objects in the same manner.

Damascus Homes Atlanta Homeowner Maintenance
Where is my furnace filter?

During Orientation your superintendent will show you the location of your furnace filter. It is normally located at the bottom of the furnace above the ductwork.

Homeowner Maintenance Guidelines

Remember to change or clean the filter monthly during the heating season (year round if you also have air conditioning). A clogged filter can slow air flow and cause cold spots in your home. Although it takes less than one minute to change the filter, this is one of the most frequently overlooked details of normal furnace care. Buy filters in large quantity for the sake of convenience. One way to remember is every time you send your mortgage payment off, change or clean your furnace filter.

Why does my siding have Mildew on it?

There are several different factors that affect the siding on your home. One factor that cannot be controlled is the weather. Exterior siding will have moisture condensation on it that causes mildew. Another factor would be if your home is shaded by another home or if it is located close to a tree line. This can cause mildew as well. You need to inspect your home on a regular basis to determine whether or not it may need to be pressure washed. Mildew on the siding is not a defect. When cleaning your siding, make sure you use products that are recommended for your particular siding. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

Will you repair my yard if it has washed out during rain?

Under the One Year Limited Warranty for workmanship - loss resulting from severe weather and/or acts of God; homeowner is responsible to fix any landscaping that has washed out from rain.

Homeowner Maintenance Guidelines

If you leave ground un-landscaped, it erodes. Limited Warranty – Landscape plants this company installs are warranted for 10 days. Your builder will confirm the healthy condition of all plant materials during the orientation. Maintaining landscaping is homeowner’s responsibility. All growth of grass and sod is your responsibility and is not covered under the warranty.

Gas Fireplace
How do I light my Gas Fireplace?

This company offers direct – vent gas fireplaces. If your home is equipped with this type of fireplace, it is demonstrated during the orientation. Read and follow all manufacturers’ directions.

Homeowner Maintenance Guidelines

To light the fireplace the gas needs to be turned on at the wall with the key provided. You then need to set the large knob to pilot. Push the large knob in with your left hand holding it in the forward position. You then can take your right hand and push the igniter several times until fireplace lights, once the fireplace lights continue to hold the large knob in for 30 sec. You can now turn the large knob to set at low or high. When finished make sure you turn the large knob back to the off position and turn the gas off at the wall. If fireplace never has been lit before you may need to hold the large knob in until you smell gas, then you can light the unit.

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